Fair Salvage Companies Core Values

Trust and loyalty

Trust is a word over used today. Here at Fair Salvage it has to go both ways; we must trust you and you need to have ability to trust us. This is a given— without this there will be NO loyalty! There is no give on this core value, can’t trust? Then don’t work here!


Strong work Ethic

Let me tell you what it’s not: If you need four energy drinks to start every day I would question if you have it. If you have to ask “did I work hard today”, you probably don’t have this core value.



We don’t go looking for conflict yet never run from it; we face it head on. Obstacles— they are just issues that are waiting for us to make decisions on, we push forward, even when it’s hard. We won’t take no the first time unless it is immoral, breaks trust, or any other core value.


Continuous self-improvement

You have to want to grow, we don’t believe in feeding you. We believe people want to be better. We believe when people are growing everyone on the team gets better.


Willingness to change

Ask just about anyone here if this is true? One thing is constant, things will change. This core value goes along with continuous self-improvement



These core values are not some grandiose idea. This is who we are!

“The greatest success we’ll know is to help others succeed and grow.”— Charlie “Tremendous” Jones


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