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Celebrating 30 Years of Business – Tribute to Floyd & Sharlene Fair

Posted January 24th, 2017 in Recent News

Floyd and Sharlene Fair have been a very instrumental part in Fair Salvage celebrating its thirty years of being in business. When their son, Steve came to them when he was twenty-two years old with the idea of beginning a scrap recycling business, they came alongside him and helped him start Fair Salvage Company. They […]

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The BEST Advice For The Customer When Bringing In Mixed Metals

Posted October 28th, 2016 in Recent News

The best piece of advice when bringing any metal in to sell to Fair Salvage is to keep similar items together. Try not to throw all of your material in a trailer together when for example you have a combination of sheet iron and aluminum siding. By keeping similar metals grouped together (in a tub, […]

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Posted April 12th, 2016 in Recent News

Dear Fair Salvage Customers, I just wanted to take quick moment and say THANK YOU for what you are doing with us in Haiti. I just returned home last week after visiting there and I wanted to give you quick update on what you are helping to accomplish there by selling your scrap to Fair […]

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Posted February 24th, 2016 in Recent News

After looking at all factors including market conditions over the past several months, we have decided not to reopen our Houghton Lake location. With market prices the way they are currently it simply doesn’t make good business sense for us to resume business at that location, so we are permanently closing it effective immediately. We […]

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Posted February 14th, 2016 in Recent News

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I’m still here looking out for all of our great customers. The scrap metal market is a tough road to hoe right now. Prices have inched up over the past few weeks, but that doesn’t mean they will continue to do so into the future. In […]

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I've been bringing metal to Fair Salvage for 15 years or better. You guys have always treated me like family up there and I don't wanna go anywhere else. I've been to other places and don't like the way they treat me. You guys have always treated me with the most understanding and help me to learn how to do this even better. When I need to download stuff off my vehicle there's always somebody there to help me unload. I really appreciate Fair Salvage and hope to continue doing business with you until I'm too old to do it anymore.


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I would just like to say that although I am not a "regular" customer, I always get treated as though I go there on a regular basis. No matter who is greeting me at the scales, and no matter the weather, your staff is always very polite, friendly, and call me by my first name. I also appreciate the fact that they look the load over and tell me how to sort it and re-weigh it to get the maximum amount of money for my load. I'm always impressed by the cleanliness of the indoor office area as well as the yard. This is a first class facility and I wouldn't want to go to any other scrap yard. Keep up the great work.


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I frequent your Montcalm yard and your staff has been nothing but helpful since day one. Very patient, and excellent at conveying ways I can better prepare for future loads. Couldn't ask for a better business relationship.


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