Fair Salvage’s Fundraiser Page

Fair Salvage Company- “A Business Ran By Faith, Not By Sight”. When we first decided on a foundation for the way we do business, we weren’t aware of how powerful those 8 words would become. More than a decade later, our faith has led us on an amazing journey of discovery. We’re learning more about who we are as a business and, more importantly, we’re discovering the true meaning of the word family.


To provide the best services, we have to first offer each other the love, support, and respect we want to exhibit in our interactions with the public. Building a business requires dedication and commitment. The way that the community has stood behind us, offering support every step of the way makes our journey even sweeter.


For that reason, we wanted to give back and show our appreciation. We’ve grown from an idea formed in a little boy’s head to operating out of 5 separate locations. Our services have helped countless members of the community. Together, we’ve successfully reduced our carbon footprint, creating a better planet for us all. Now, we’ve come up with the perfect way for our business to pay it forward to you personally.

The Fair Salvage fundraiser is the perfect way for your business or organization to raise money all year long. Conventional fundraising options have been used so often, they’ve basically worn out their welcome. People see catalogs full of overpriced peanuts and wrapping paper and run in the other direction. Bake sales and car washes are limited by the uncertainties of Mother Nature. What options are you left with when you’re looking to raise money?

Fair Salvage has identified a major flaw in popular fundraisers. There is no immediate benefit for the public. Should they choose to participate, it’s more of an obligation than a voluntary action. If you don’t happen to have anything that interests them or something that seems worth the effort, that obligation could easily be passed up. Our alternative is just the opposite.

Rather than asking your supporters to give out of their pocket in a time when everyone is clenching their last dollar, let’s do something special for them. We’re welcoming them to bring in any scrap metals that may be cluttering their home or yard. We’ll take those metals off their hands and send the proceeds straight to you.

  • Brass
  • Sheet Iron
  • Clean Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Junk Cars
  • And so much more….


We accept a wide variety of metals and, in some instances, we’ll even come to them and pick it up. As the icing on the cake, Fair Salvage can even place a container at a specified location, making it even easier for people to offer their support. They’ll be able to bring their metal to you or drop it off to us. That’s twice the donations, twice the money earned.

These metals will all be handled with the same level of trust, integrity, and commitment Fair Salvage is associated with all across Michigan.

Participation is simple. Just complete this registration form below. Our representatives will handle the rest. When your supporters visit us with their metals, your organization will immediately begin earning money and you won’t need to lift a finger in the process.



It’s mutually beneficial for you and your supporters. They’ll get rid of bulky eyesores and you’ll receive the donation. There’s absolutely no risk and the benefits are limitless. Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity. Fill out the registration form below today.

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