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Looking out over the metal market horizon

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I’m still here looking out for all of our great customers.

The scrap metal market is a tough road to hoe right now. Prices have inched up over the past few weeks, but that doesn’t mean they will continue to do so into the future. In looking at facts, figures, and expert opinion, and staring out over the metal market horizon, we’ve decided to sell some of our inventory that we’ve been stockpiling for some months now. We are at the place where we believe this might be the top of the market, at least for a few more months. All industry indicators are pointing toward steady prices or even dropping prices again in the coming weeks – so this is the "new normal" from our vantage point.

Because we care about you, our customers, I want you to know where things are at and where we see them going with scrap metal prices. And right now in my opinion this is the best time to move some of the scrap metal you may have been hanging on to. We want you to know that if you’ve been holding onto material for several months, now is probably the best time to move it (at least some of it).

I can’t always see over the horizon to see what it coming, because if I could I wouldn’t have started building up our inventory in August because the market still went lower. We started saving material back in the fall and the market went down more than we anticipated when we thought it had to be at the bottom. I was wrong. I can’t always see perfectly where prices are heading, but I’m offering up my best guess to you so that you can take advantage of the prices that are available right now. Hope this helps you by having a better look at the future as we all stare out over the horizon. ~ Steve Fair

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